New Coverage – PreveCeutical Medical (PRVCF)

PreveCeutical Medical is biomedical company focused on preventative health sciences using organic and nature-identical compounds.  The Company was recently organized to pursue market opportunities for a novel therapy based on blue scorpion venom.  PreveCeutical markets an  CELLB9, an oral solution of blue scorpion venom for use without prescription.  The solution has been found instrumental in treating inflammation, but has also been used for bacterial infections, pain and tumors, among other applications.

In additional to its first commercially available product CELLB9 the Company has a portfolio of therapy targets at various stages of research and development.  PreveCeutical has entered into a development and license agreement with UniQuest Pty Ltd., the commercial arm of the University of Queensland in Australia.

In 2007, a National Health Interview Survey found that four out of ten adults use some kind of complementary or alternative treatment to conventional medical care.   According to Grand View Research, a healthcare industry research firm, the preventative healthcare technologies market is expected to reach US$432 billion by 2024.   The North America market represents as much as 48% of the global preventative market value.  Grandview expects health science companies in the U.S. and Canada are to dominate the world market throughout the forecast period.  Supportive government initiatives, high per capita income and establish research and development operations are key regional factors favoring the North America market.


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